About InClassToday

InClassToday is on a mission to improve student outcomes by reducing absenteeism. Our intervention uses behavioral insights to empower parents and guardians with actionable information and has been proven to increase the number of days students are in school.

Research is clear: showing up to school matters. Many schools and districts across the US have taken steps to address attendance issues, but most interventions are challenging to design, expensive to implement and yield inconsistent outcomes. Furthermore, families and guardians-- who are at the core of student achievement-- tend to be under-informed on the matter. As a result, attendance rates across the US are still tragically low, with over 7 million students missing more than 10% of school.

InClassToday is changing this. We analyze student attendance and provide personalized attendance reports to parents and guardians that spark action and empower them to do what is necessary to get their kids to school. This intervention, developed in partnership with the Harvard Student Social Support Research & Development Lab, has been proven across multiple RCTs to consistently decrease chronic absenteeism rates by 10-15%. InClassToday rejects the notion that an effective attendance initiative has to be resource intensive or costly. Instead, we work with district partners to quickly implement at scale without taxing staff time or resources, at a fraction of the cost of alternatives.

By bridging the gap between what families know and what districts want to achieve, we are building a movement to ensure every student is in class and learning, every day.

About the Role

As a key member of our District Outreach & Partnership Team, you’ll play an invaluable role in InClassToday’s growth. You’ll source and build relationships with district leaders across the country. You will listen to their most pressing priorities and connect them to InClassToday’s solutions, broadening our reach and increasing our impact. You’ll strengthen our connection with existing partners by expanding programs from pilots to multi-year commitments. We’ll count on you to continually refine your sales methods and collaborate with colleagues to share best practices. This is a critical role for the company and one best suited to a persistent, self-motivated person with strong political instincts and business judgment.

Must have:

  • A drive to support public school students and families throughout the country
  • A successful track record selling products, policies, or partnerships in a complex, regulated environment. (You might have exceeded your large enterprise SaaS sales quota, have a stellar policy advocacy track record or have forged critical strategic alliances. )
  • The ability to source leads, close deals and build lasting relationships with district partners
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and presentation skills
  • A knack for thinking on your feet, anticipating needs and overcoming objections
  • Persistence in both your infectious enthusiasm and your follow up
  • A willingness to travel 20-40% of your time to meet with clients

Nice to have:

  • Experience with K-12 education and an understanding of challenges faced by the classroom teacher, principal, and district administrator
  • Experience in education policy or K-12 district-level sales
  • Experience with Challenger, Solution or Consultative sales approaches
  • Experience in SaaS sales with $100K+ ACV and a quota of $1M+
  • Desire and ability to coach and mentor other members of the sales team